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Space: It's So Cool - A drabble & a half for A Little Drabble Do Ya/Section VII/LJ

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Fortunately it was a clear night and the stars were twinkling over those breathlessly watching the sky. A chill was in the air, and Illya pulled his coat close around him while he waited for his turn at the telescope Grigory had brought.
A shout rang out. “There! I can see it!”
He looked up, scanning the sky intently until he saw it; a bright light, larger than the starlight pinpricks around it, travelling fast above them. “Oh...”
“It's so beautiful,” Inessa whispered.
The very first artificial satellite was orbiting the Earth. And they – the Soviet Union – they had done this.
“What a time to be alive,” Pavel said, joy and wonder shining through his voice.
From somewhere behind them, someone started singing the State Anthem and one by one they all joined in until they were all singing, united, watching as Sputnik 1 flew overhead.

2016-02-25 в 10:07 

неправый кто-то в интернете капслоком брызжет из ушей сожми кулак вдохни поглубже забей (с)
Очень интересно, спасибо!

2016-02-25 в 12:08 

Бродят бешеные волки по дороге скрипачей
Oh, that's so cute! Thank you for sharing!


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